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“I love your big d*ick and you” Cyan Boujee says a she celebrates her man’s birthday



South African DJ Cyan Boujee celebrates her boyfriend on his birthday.

She gave him unique gifts in addition to her profuse praise.

Although Cyan has kept her relationship with her partner very secret, she does not deny it.

She posted a note to her boyfriend on Instagram Stories along with a picture of the cake she got him.

“I’m so emotional because of how happy & grateful I am to be in love with someone I could never rattle, someone that’s just so cool and calm and super funny!
I can count on him. he could hold me by the ankle over a cliff and I wouldn’t worry,” she wrote.


“Damn, today and this entire week I wanna spoil TF out of you! So many scenes between us have made me feel like I’m not a fool for having a good thing that still doesn’t meet social standards.

ALL my sibling’s best friends. You handle my personality SO WELL baby .. I LOVE YOU BIG TIME,” Cyan added.

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