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#AdultingShowmax: Thembi Seete agreeing to do a s*x scene on Adulting has got many talking



The second season of Adulting, a South African reality TV series that airs on Showmax, had a moment that went viral on Twitter, making popular South African actress and former member of the Kwaito group Boom Shaka member Thembi Seete on the news.


The series follows several young adults as they experience the ups and downs of, well, growing up. Consider realistic scenarios such as financial management, employment, romantic partnerships, and all the enjoyable (and sometimes challenging) aspects of growing up.

Social media users expressed disbelief that Thembi would agree to play such an adult role for Money, writing, “#AdultingShowmax Thembi SeetSeete agreeing to do a sex scene has me shocked” said one of the tweep.


The show doesn’t shy away from the messy realities of adulting. From financial struggles to job burnout to relationship drama, it’s all there. But it’s also heartwarming and funny, as the cast members support and laugh with each other through it all.

Adulting is set in South Africa and features a cast of local actors. This gives it a unique perspective on the challenges and experiences of young adults in that country.

With two seasons available to stream, you can easily get hooked on the lives of the “Adulting” crew. Just be warned, you might find yourself nodding along in recognition and saying, “Been there, done that!”

Thembi, in the meantime, became a popular sensation on Twitter once more after her unprocessed photos were posted on the media platform.

While not quite as polished as her Instagram feed, the former judge of Idols SA was nevertheless stunning when she was seen at the Hey Neighbour Festival. her appearance was criticized by online users, who said that it was older than what she showed on her social media accounts.

After users noticed the 46-year-old actress outside of her Instagram and picture filters, she received some backlash. It was reported that she was a guest at the Hey Neighbour Festival, which she recently visited.


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