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Dudula Movement has reportedly burnt down shacks belonging to illegal Lesotho foreigner in Rustenburg (VIDOE)



On Friday morning a viral video surfaced online showing moments when South Africans burnt down shacks where alleged illegal Lesotho foreigners were living.

The attack is believed to have happened after the Lesotho foreigners had been terrorizing the community and attacking South African residents in Rustenburg.

The attack has been condemned by the South African government and by human rights groups. The government has vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Dudula Movement is a vigilante group that was formed in 2022. The group’s stated goal is to rid South Africa of illegal immigrants. However, the group has been accused of xenophobia and violence against foreign nationals.

The attack on the shacks in Rustenburg is the latest in a series of xenophobic attacks in South Africa. In recent years, there have been a number of attacks on foreign-owned businesses and on foreign nationals themselves. These attacks have been condemned by the South African government, but they have continued.


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