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Who Is Eemoh? Biography, Profile, Age, Songs, Album, Wiki (South Africa)



EEMOH who is new to the amapiano industry is the hitmaker of a few piano songs, IMPUMELELO, SGUDI SNYC. The young artiste is surely reaching the peak of his music career. At first, he majored in the Hip Hop genre but later extended his hands to amapiano.

Due to his sudden rise in the South African music industry, many are now asking and wanting to know more about him.

This post contains the Biography, profile, and more about Eemoh.

Who Is Eemoh? Biography & Profile

Stage Name Eemoh
Country South Africa
Career Musician
Age 23
Real Name Nqubeko Shangase

Born and raised at uNtunjambili, Nqubeko Shangase (23) popularly known by his stage name as Eemoh is a fast-rising South African singer and songwriter.

Eemoh from Kranskop started his musical career in hip-hop. In 2021 he released his debut project titled New Wave, King EP. The extended project houses seven songs.

He started and completed his high school education in Kranskop. He studied LLB at UKZN.

Eemoh started his music career back in 2011 while he was doing grade 7 at Vusizwe Primary School. He recorded his first song in a proper studio. At first, he was doing all types of music including maskandi, kwaito, and hip-hop.

Eemoh aside other genres started focusing on the hip-hop genre more when people used to play tones for him on their phones.

Eemoh performed in high schools and primary school and the response he got that time was promising. In 2014 while still in high school he met a few people who were also doing the same type of music and then they formed a group called Fuego Gang.

In the group everyone played their role, there was a cameraman, a DJ, and an actor and they all came from the same local village.

Because of his passion for music, when he finished his matric, Eemoh carried on doing music at the university.

Eemoh has won some online hip-hop competitions which were the most difficult ones.

According to Eemoh doing music at that time was very difficult because it was a competitive space but he has adapted to it.

“The key that makes me remain relevant is my capacity to be versatile. I adapt easily to a certain style and I do not stick to the same type of Hip-hop. I have now gained some skills on how to make beats, how to mix and master a song from the beginning”

Eemoh Songs & Albums

iMpumelelo 2023
Soka Lakho 2022
Isosha (SEE SA LYT EP) 2022
Sgudi Snyc (Feature) 2023
Ngoma Yami (SEE SA LYT EP) 2022
Chommie Yami 2021
Idliso (SEE SA LYT EP) 2022
Benyezela (SEE SA LYT EP) 2022
Umbhede (SEE SA LYT EP) 2022


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