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Did Joe Bartolozzi Die, Is He Dead? Joe Bartolozzi Death News Is Hoax



The internet can be sometimes a little bit confusing with what is been posted on it every day. A few days ago a piece of information started when viral on social media. The post claimed that content creator Joe Bartolozzi has passed away.

Ok, we want to clear the air on this issue. To Joe fans, there’s nothing to worry about.

Is Joe Bartolozzi dead or Alive?

Joe Bartolozzi was a victim of a death hoax recently, the internet declared him dead.

No, Joe Bartolozzi is not dead, the content creator is very much alive and doing well. The information about his death was a misformation from rumor mongers. A look at his social media pages shows that he has been very much active, posting funny memes and videos on a daily basis.

The news can only be seen on clickbait websites.

Who Is Joe Bartolozzi? Few Things To Know About Him

Born on February 6, 2022, Joe Bartolozzi is a content creator who rose to fame through the Tiktok space. Joe runs a verified tiktok account with the name Joe.bartolozzi and has gained over 21 million followers on the platform.

He has worked with big personalities in the content space. Joe has created a Tiktok duet video that featured Snarkymarky.


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