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Alleged dead woman, Bella Montoya wakes up inside a coffin at her own wake in Ecuador



An supposed dead woman identified as Bella Montoya, 76, a retired nurse, startled family, friends and her relatives who gathered to pay their last respects at her wake in Ecuador.

According to reports, she had a stroke and was declared clinically dead following a thorough examination by doctors before her son Gilberto Barbera was given a paper confirming her dead.

Strange noise began to be heard as relatives and friends came to comfort and console one another over the loss. It was a gathering of about 20 persons. “The casket began to make noises after roughly five hours of the wake.

Montoya was then returned to the hospital in the city of Babahoyo by his family.


She is said to be in an intensive care unit and is being intubated. According to the Ministry of Health, an inquiry has been launched to get to the bottom of the situation and determine how the events occurred. A technical group has been constituted to assess the hospital’s present process for issuing death certificates.



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