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What Happened To Dylan Zitkus, Is He Dead or Alive – Death News Of Tiktok Star Surfaces Online



Is Dylan Zitkus dead or alive, what happened to Dylan Zitkus, these are questions being asked about internet sensation, Dylan Zitkus. Due to the sudden disappearance of Dylan Zitkus from the social media sphere fans are now prompted to who the whereabouts of the Tiktok star.

The post will clear your mind on questions and claims being made on the internet about Dylan Zitkus.

Who Is Dylan Zitkus?

Born on January 31, 2005, Dylan Zitkus is a popular American content creator. Dylan Zitkus started creating content on social media when he was 14. His first appearance was on Tiktok in 2019.

Dylan comical attracted the attention of several viewers and fellow TikTokers which helped push him to the apex of his career. His popularity increased when he started collaborating with other famous social media personalities.

Is Dylan Zitkus Dead or Alive?

We can confirm if Dylan Zitkus is dead or alive but many comments on his Instagram page suggest he died. The last video he posted on his official Instagram account was five hours which was followed by countless RIP messages in the comment section.

No official information has been released by the family to clear the air on rumors filtering the social media about Dylan.


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