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Who Is Musa Motha? Biography, Profile, Wikipedia, Age, Dancer



South African dancer, Musa Motha clinched on the spotlight after his awesome performance on Monday night during the Britain’s Got Talent (BGT). Musa made it to the grand final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Musa’s electrifying performance caught the eyes of Judges and fans.

In article contains the very much question asked by netizens who wants to know Musa Motha Biography, Profile, Backgroud and Lifestyle.

Who Is Musa Motha? Biography!

Musa Motha

Name Musa Motha
Country South Africa
Age 27yrs
Profession Dancer, Motivational Speaker

Musa Motha who hails from Sebokeng zone 14, South Africa is a professional dancer, choreographer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, DJ, photographer and investor.

Over the course of his career, Musa has collaborated with well-known figures in the entertainment sector. He played Cion, Gister Maoba, Defeated Malady, Mayhem, solos, and duets.

He also appeared in Drake’s music video. In addition to doing solo and duet performances for Cion, Gister Maoba, Defeated Malady, and Mayhem, he has been featured in fashion and art publications, foreign newspapers, TV interviews, and podcasts.

In 2018, Musa began dancing professionally with the Newtown, Johannesburg-based Vuyani Dance Theatre.

According to him, he learnt a lot more about dance at the Vuyani Dance Theatre in Newtown, Johannesburg, including ballet, classical, modern, and contemporary dance, Afro fusion, tapdancing, and other dance styles.

How He Lost His One Leg

Musa Motha, a cancer survivor, was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2006 when he was 11 years old. As a result, his left leg had to be amputated.

Musa played soccer before having his leg amputated, and he had aspirations of playing professional football in the future.

He kept playing football after getting his leg amputated, but dancing eventually found him. He began dancing in 2010 as a street dancer and was successful in overcoming obstacles.

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