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Who Is Mystro Myztro? Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Is Myztro and DJ Maphorisa Related, Are They Brother



Very much has been asked and said about the award-wining South African music producer and deejay, Mystro. Questions like Who is Myztro, How Old Is He, Is DJ Maphiorisa and Myztro Related, Are DJ Maphorisa and Myztro Brothers has been queried on search and today we will try our best to serve answers to that too many questions.

Myztro huge emergence in the South African music industry took netizens by surprise. The music producer on his name has dished out a few hit tracks.

On this post we have going to give a detailed information about Myztro, his real name, age and biography.

Who Is Myztro? Biography!

Name (Stage Name & Real Name) Myztro (Tshiamiso Sekowe)
Career Music Producer 
Genre Amapiano
Country South Africa
Age Mid 30’s
Sibilings DJ Mphorisa

In his mid 30’s, Myztro rose to fame through a couple of tracks in the amapiano music genre. The music producer since coming into the South African music industry has been consistently delivering hit upon hits songs and his fast success has prompt question from music lovers.

Born and raised in Soshanguve, South Africa Tshiamiso Sekowe popularly known by his stage name as Myztro is a popular South African music producer, disk jockey, singer and songwriter.

He rose to fame in 2022 after working with Focalistic and MJ on a track titled Tabela and also Dipatje Tsa Felo with Felo Le Tee & Daliwonga. Tabela song got a wide range recognition and amazed millions of streams and download on digital platforms.

According to Myztro he had wanted pursue his high education but at some point fell in love with music.

At some point, I was in love with mathematics, but it never made me feel so alive, like performing on stage. How people received me was certification enough that music was indeed my first love. After attempting to pursue my higher education, I saw how much I spent time taking up gigs on Campus and realised [that] this was my calling.”

Following the success of Tabela, Myztro in March 2022 released his first debut project 012 Nkwari EP which housed no fewer than five amapiano songs. The songs was done under DJ Maphorisa’s New Money Gang music record label and was exclusively distributed under Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd.

In 2022, Myztro’s hit track Tobetsa was nominated under the newly-introduced category Best Viral Challenge Award, contending with his brother DJ Maphorisa’s massive hit Ba Straata.

Myztro produced/co-produced some tracks on DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small’s Scorpion Kings album, notably Emcimbini, Piki Piki and Mi Amor.

Is DJ Maphorisa and Myztro Related?

Myztro and DJ Mpahorisa Share Same Stage

Many people question if Maphorisa and Myztro are siblings because their bond has been so clear. Myztro is the younger brother of Amapiano superstar DJ Maphorisa, whose real name is Themba Sekowe.

The fact that Dj Maphorisa has been with him, appearing on his songs and vice versa, as well as the fact that he has collaborated with Kabza, are further reasons to infer that they are siblings. He appears to be being closely guarded by Dj Maphorisa. Is that because they are connected or because he just wants him to be successful?

Once more, if you carefully examine their photos, you may see some clues that they could share some DNA. Their lips, bald head, practically same height, body size, head shape, and head structure, among other physical characteristics.

Last but not least, the fact that Phorry and Myztro share the same last name—yes, that’s right, they do—puts the last nail in the coffin.

Dj Maphorisa’s true name is Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, while Myztro’s real name is Tshiamiso Sekowe. They most likely have family ties or are siblings.

Myztro Breakout Songs 2023

Mystro has made a couple of breakout songs in 2023. Some the tracks includes, Myztro Ah Ah, Kunkra which featured Daliwonga, Bhebha.

Myztro Ah Ah Ah

Myztro Ah Ah

Myztro Ah Ah song is one the popular tracks released by the music producer that has gained a wide recognition in South Africa. The since it’s release in May 12 2023 has turned into a Dance challenge on social media.

Myztro Ah Ah featured the likes of Xduppy, ShaunMusiq & Ftears.



Bhebha became more like an anthem in 2022 after the artists involved shared a teaser of the track and in 2023 the full song was released. Bhebha done by Shaunmusiq, Ftears and Xduppy featured the efforts of Myztro, Mellow & Sleazy, QuayR Musiq & Matuteboy.

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