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95-year-old great-grandmother, Clare Nowland who was tased by police has died in hospital



Clare Nowland, 95, died peacefully in hospital on Wednesday, May 24, a week after being tasered by an Australian police officer.

According to CBSNews, the elderly woman suffered from dementia. Officers responded to a complaint about a lady armed with a knife at Yallambee Lodge care home in southern New South Wales on May 17.

When the cops arrived, they allegedly told Nowland to put down the steak knife she had taken from the kitchen. Instead, Nowland was claimed to have moved approaching the cops “at a slow pace” while utilizing her walking frame. This is when one of the policemen allegedly used his taser on her.

Following the incident, the 33-year-old senior police constable, Kristian White was said to have gotten suspended with pay. He will reportedly appear before the court on 5 July. White was also said to have been charged with “recklessly causing grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and common assault,” New York Post reported. His charges are reportedly expected to be upgraded as Nowland death came days later after succumbing to her injuries at Cooma hospital.

She was said to have passed away peacefully in hospital just after 7 pm on Wednesday evening, surrounded by her loved ones, several publications reported. The use of force against elderly people has since sparked a huge debate about police policy and procedures online.

AUSTRALIA, Clare Nowland, 95 and suffering from dementia, dies after her nursing home called 911 because she was being unruly – and she was tasered by COP for refusing to drop a knife – while using her walker to leave the room?!


— Ed (@reFocusZone) May 24, 2023

Clare Nowland died after she was tased by a police officer. Image via Twitter @StrewthQueen

“Why would they tase anyone geriatric/elderly, especially that old…. Just sad R.I.P to her,” @JosijojoW said.

“How much of a coward you gotta be to taser a 95-year-old ,” @rvpurt asked.

“Did she have a shotgun? Who is intimidated by a 95-year-old woman? Good grief,” @MichaelCosent commented.

“Shocking news. I hope it sparks positive change in their current management behaviours, specifically for these types of avoidable incidents,” @WWMariusDo replied.

“RIP to the Grandmother,” @BadMrFrosty reacted.

If she would’ve just followed orders none of this would’ve happened. Resisting police never ends good for the criminal

— MangoMan (@jimboslice336) May 25, 2023

She died in the hospital, not by being tased… so it wasn’t the police’s fault then

— SMH24 (@smh24yt__) May 25, 2023

Tasing a 95 year old???

— 44 (@MOBBIN44) May 25, 2023


— ASHLEY SOL. ✪ (@ONLINECLASS_Ash) May 25, 2023


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