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Xolani Khumalo Sizokuthola Biography, Age, Wikipedia



The name, Xolani Khumalo has been making headlines on social media following his affirmed call on exposing criminals through his TV show “Sizokuthola”.

This post contains all you need to know about Xolani Khumalo.

Who Is Xolani Khumalo?

Xolani Khumalo is a TV presenter who presents Moja Love’s Sizok’thola show which exposes drug cartels and syndicates. Xolani is the leader of the Sizokthola team, a group of individuals dedicated to fighting crime and drugs in South Africa around the clock.

In an effort to keep the street clean and curb crime, Xolani Khumalo confronts drug lords in areas populated by drug cartels and exposes them.

Ever since Sizok’thola premiered, where Xolani is embarking on a crusade to expose drug dealers, the show has created serious ramifications for drug lords. It has caused a huge stir in the drug industry.

This has caused drug dealers to threaten Xolani and Aubrey, as they had realized that the show is causing problems for them.

The TV presenter in a recent interview revealed that he has received numerous death threats and attempts to shoot him and his team during a show.

Xolani who does not get full support from the local law enforcement agencies said that will not stop him from achieving his goal of fighting for South Africa to be a drug-free country.

Xolani Khumalo Death Threats

The host of the Sizok’thola show, Xolani Khumalo of Moja Love, who exposes drug cartels and syndicates who are mostly Nigerian drug lords is now living in constant fear of being assassinated after getting death threats from anonymous drug dealers.


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