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Dineo Ranka gets honored with a tribute song from Tswyza and Villa (Video)



Tswyza and Villa dedicates a song to radio anchor and music DJ Dineo Ranaka, who is suffering from depression, days after she posted it on Instagram.

Dineo drew widespread attention few days ago after writing an impassioned post about her aspirations to succumb to depression and committing suicide.

“I absolutely comprehend the souls/spirits/people that commit suicide. “I get it, and they get it,” she wrote.

“Because I’m doing everything I can to avoid suicide.” “My mind has been sooooo loud lately, and life is fucking hard, so fucking hard, and I’m trying my best, but it appears that my best is not enough,” the presenter continued.

Tswyza and Villa took to social media to share a video of how they created a song for Dineo.

Watch Below..



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Tswyza said: “Me & my boy @villa_s_a got together to make sure we brighten up your day, hope this reaches you with love and humility @dineoranaka. Godbless,” TS wrote.


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