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Nota Baloyi slams Dineo Ranaka over her suicidal post on Instagram, calls it publicity stunt



Nota Baloyi, Kwesta’s former manager and business partner, is not having a good time with tv personality, Dineo Ranaka for  writing a suicide post on Instagram on Tuesday morning.

Nota labeled Dineo as an attention seeker, claiming that she publicly humiliated her husband and children after appearing on a reality television show and is now attempting to execute an attention seeking publicity stunt to earn people’s affection and attention.

“Dineo Ranaka had kids out of wedlock like she wasn’t subjecting them to a traumatic childhood then she abused their fathers & even publicly humiliated them for reality TV. Now she pulls an attention-seeking publicity stunt because she hates waking up early for work like Sol does,” he said.

“She has run out of sick notes then threatens to kill herself for compassionate leave… How hard can it be to do a radioshow for 5days a week for hundreds of thousands of rands a year? She must interview the cleaning staff at KayaFM & ask them how they manage raising kids,” he added.

He also revealed how the presenter watched his estranged wife, Berita defame him despite having a one-on-one conversation.

“I had a heart to heart with Dineo Ranaka about how difficult it has been for me to stand by my wife even though her mental illness has progressed to the point where she’s not functional. She pretended to be empathetic only to watch her make my seriously distressed wife defame me!”

“here’s a man struggling to take care of himself, breaking his back day & night just trying to ensure he doesn’t go to bed hungry with no sympathy. A celebrity then posts about how it’s so hard to manage all the opportunities life has given her so now she wants to kill herself.”

He also called her out for calling him an abuser:

“Dineo Ranaka went on air at Kaya FM calling me an abuser & made me out to be an unstable person… She body shamed women I worked with on air before & never apologized even after I told her manager & I’ve still been fair to her. She loves attention, why have kids if you’re selfish?”

Dineo Ranaka: ‘I wana be remembered as the woman who really freaking lived.

If I got 7 baby daddies, ngyekeni nihlanganaphi, asibakhulisi nani. My kids aren’t a community project.’

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