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Kaya 959 radio reshuffles programs, Sizwe Dhlomo to take over Dineo Ranaka’s slot



Sizwe Dhlomo has taken over Dineo Ranaka’s breakfast role on Gauteng commercial radio station Kaya 959.

According to a statement made by them on Wednesday, afternoon drive anchor Sizwe Dhlomo will now take over Dineo Ranak’s breakfast slot. This comes after Dineo’s suicide message went viral on the internet.

Kaya 959’s management stated that their choice to reshuffle their engagements was motivated by their concern for their employees’ well-being.

Collen Louw, MD of Kaya 959, commented on the situation, saying, “We are confident that our team of talented presenters will hold the fort exceedingly well during this time.”

On weekdays, Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe will step in for Dhlomo from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., while George Manyosi will present Msengana and Hlophe’s show Last Call from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Actress Manaka Ranaka, Dineo’s sister, has said that her sister is with her family, and they are doing everything they can to give her all the attention and care she requires to go ahead with life.

“Our family is with her right now, and we’re trying to get her all the help she’ll need in the future.” We’re trying to help her to see the light again because she’s in a really dark place right now. Thank you very much.”

“You are strength, and you are strength.” If you can’t see or feel it, I’m devoted to showing you what it means.”

“I completely understand souls/ spirits/ people that commit suicide. I get it, I get them. Because I’m trying my best to NOT commit suicide. My mind is sooo loud of late and life is f****** hard so f****** hard and I’m trying my best but it seems my best is not enough.”

Dineo Ranaka has been struggles with mental health & many other health challenges. I pray that she pass through this. She is a strong person who is not afraid of telling her mind & unfortunately that gets confused with arrogance and pride. Am sending prayers, love & light

— Man’s NOT Barry Roux  (@AdvoBarryRoux) May 23, 2023

TV and radio presenter Sizwe Dlhomo has taken over the 959 Breakfast slot on KAYA FM from today. The show was hosted by Dineo Ranaka alongside Sol Phenduka.

Following Dineo’s social media breakdown, the radio station says it had to make immediate changes because #MDNnews

— MDN NEWS (@MDNnewss) May 24, 2023


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