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Mathematics teacher sues department for assault at Obang High School in Amalia



A mathematics teacher who was reportedly assaulted by a student and the school at Obang High School in Amalia, Schweizer-Reneke, has threatened to sue the department of basic education following the incident in which he incurred significant injuries, according to sources.

The assault, which happened on February 14th, drew the attention of the media, with a terrible video capturing the moment when the teacher was spotted laying on his back in the middle of the school’s teeming pupils. The footage was quite disturbing, as blood was seen pouring from the top of his head.

After recovering consciousness, the teacher told the reporters that he was beaten by the student, a gardener who happened to be the father of the boy, and one of the SGB members.

“The pupil was misbehaving and I tried to reprimand him but he continued disrespecting my authority, when a fellow pupil claimed that I was scared of the pupil.

When I called him, he moved in an opposing direction giving a gesture that he was going to smoke with his friend,” the teacher said.

“I then left to avoid a bad incident. The pupils kept screaming that I was afraid of him. The SGB members, as well as the deputy principal, took the pupil and seemingly he was beaten up by one of the SGB members, who happens to be his relative, for his misbehavior.

This pupil came crying in my direction claiming I am the one who led his beaters on. “I was puzzled because I was not part of the people who were beating him up if he was,” he said.

According to the teacher, the father of the pupil “came running in our direction and I had raised my hopes that he would calm down the situation. Instead he punched me above my eye.

“The SGB member ran towards us and he, too, punched me. I lost consciousness,” the teacher said. The teacher alleged he regained consciousness in the school’s sick room where he was advised to go to the hospital.

An assault case will be heard for the second time on Monday. The North West department of education spokesperson, Elias Malindi, confirmed they are aware of the case but did not respond to questions sent to him.


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