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‘I took bank loan to feature Davido on my song ‘Funke’ – Singer Spyro spills out



Spyro, Nigerian musician

Spyro, a Nigerian music artist has spoken out on why he had to take a loan only to feature the country’s most famous recognized Afro beat music musician Davido in his 2018 song named ‘Funke’.

The Nigerian musician revealed that he obtained a bank loan to fund his collaboration with Davido and Mayorkun.

While speaking with Nigeria’s local radio station Cool FM, he said that the debt took him three years to repay, despite the fact that the collaboration catapulted him into the spotlight in the country’s music industry, which he then lost.

In his words, Spyro said;

“When I dropped ‘Funke’ and the song popped. I had David [Davido], and I had Mayorkun on the song. And after dropping ‘Funke’ and my career still went down, I’m like, ‘Oh! Am I ever gonna rise again?’

“I popped but I just came down because there was no structure. There was nothing. I took a loan from the bank to finance that particular record while I was still signed to Upfront & Personal. When that period passed, I now had to start paying for the loan. That was difficult because I paid for like three years.”

In another news, Spyro has rejected a collaboration with Portable:

Spyro and Portable music Collaboration

Spyro stated in an interview with Cool Fm that he refused to collaborate with Portable because the nature and style of his music is not compatible with the sort of music he does.

“Not because I disagree with him, but because our paths do not cross,” he says. Our paths did not cross. He wouldn’t be able to provide the type of music I’d make for him. Because it isn’t his style. “I think Portable is amusing enough,” Spyro remarked.

He added, “It’s intentional when people do the kind of music that Portable does. It’s pretty much intentional. Someone walked up to me and said ‘You know, if you wanna make it you have to be at the extreme end.

If you want to do good music, do it, let it be good. If you want to do whack music, let it be really whack. I think my writing style is different from his kind of music.

And I think Portable can actually even do it. Trust me. I have listened to his songs that I am like Portable did this?”


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