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Costa Titch’s mother calls out NHLS for delaying her son’s toxicology test result



Costa Tictch

Late Costantinos Tsobanoglou, also known as Costa Titch‘s mother, has finally spoken out about her son’s death. In an Instagram post she shared recently, she chastised the National Health Laboratories Service (NHLS) for delaying the release of Costa’s death results, and she stated that she believes her son was poisoned.

Costa died in March while performing on stage, with allegations circulating that he died as a result of lights and smoke emanating from the platform where he was performing.

Costa’s mom said the toxicology test result of her son is being delayed, and without it, the police can’t do any investigation.

“The National Health Laboratory Services can take months or even years to finalise toxicology tests. This means I am not the only mother in South Africa that has to wait for answers. It also means if anyone did poison my son, they could get away with murder. I’m pleading for help to get answers as even the police cannot do anything without these medical results,” she wrote.

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