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Dineo Ranaka’s latest Instagram post sparks outrage as she hinted on committing suicide



Dineo, a South African famous radio personality, has instilled fear in her fans after writing a heavy and heartfelt Instagram post on Tuesday. She opened up about her struggles with mental health and other health challenges she has been going through all the while now saying her current predicaments have triggered her into choosing suicide as the best option.

Despite the fact that she was unable to share the specific health concerns she has been experiencing, she added that her thoughts has recently been extremely noisy and that life has become difficult for her. She also stated that she is doing her best, but it appears that her best is insufficient.

Through her official Instagram page, she wrote; Because I’m trying my best to not commit suicide. My mind is so loud of late and life is fucking hard I’m trying my best but it seems my best is not enough.

Dineo Ranaka Post On Instagram

Dineo is a strong person who is not afraid of telling her mind & unfortunately that gets confused with arrogance and pride.

I think she needs our concern and love, pls someone should check up on Dineo!!!


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