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What Happened To Demar Hamlin Of Buffalo Bills, Is He Still Alive? – American Player Battles For Life After Collapse



Buffalo Bills fans were thrown into shock after one of their footballer players, Demar Hamilton collapsed on Monday during their night game on the field against Bengals. Reports that Demar Hamlin’s heart reportedly stopped beating after the collapse.

Medical staff was seen in the pitch attending to Demar and administering CPR on Him before he later regained consciousness. Minutes after he was revived, Demar was taken out in an ambulance to a Cincinnati hospital. According to reports, Hamlin is still in critical condition.

The game was halted and postponed.

The medical emergency sparked an immediate outpouring of prayers and well-wishes from fans, commentators, and other players, and brought attention back to the particularly dangerous nature of America’s most popular sport.

In pictures that surfaced on social media early on Tuesday morning, players, and fans at the stadium were all in tears as medical staff worked to revive Hamlin. The game was later postponed.

According to reports, part-way through the first quarter of Monday night’s matchup, Hamlin took a hard hit to his chest as he tackled the Bengals’ Tee Higgins.

He then stood up and suddenly collapsed to the floor, with medical staff rushing onto the field shortly after.

Later updates from medical confirmed that Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest, revealing it was as a result of the hit.

Bill also revealed that heartbeat was restored on the field and that Demaar is currently sedated and still remains in critical condition.


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