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8 Argentine Rugby players on trial for gruesome killing of 18-year-old boy, Fernando Baez three years ago



At least two people will be definitely jailed for life if found guilty following an alleged assault and killing of a teenager outside an Argentine nightclub three years ago.

According to the reports gathered, Eight Argentine players have been tried on Monday following the incident, they have been in pre-trial detention since the attack.

The victim, identified as Fernando Baez aged 18, was killed after a fight broke out inside a nightclub in the popular seaside resort of Villa Gesell on January 18th, 2020.

The eight defendants allegedly attacked Fernando after they were chased out of the club by the door staff, he was attacked from behind and then beaten to death.

The prosecutor Juan Manuel Davilia described the incident as entirely gruesome, he said the 18-year-old boy was practically beaten unconscious with serious injuries that eventually led to his death.

“They “continued to strike him even when he was practically unconscious, causing injuries that resulted in death”

Over 150 persons have called for a trial, which is said to last for three weeks.



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