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SUBPOENA: Ex president Of The United State Ordered To Testify To January 6 Committee



Donald J. Trump was served with a subpoena on Friday by the House committee looking into the attack on January 6. This opened the door for a potentially historic legal battle over whether Congress has the authority to compel testimony from a former president.
With the US midterm elections coming up next month, the former president has denounced the investigation as a ploy intended to divert voters’ attention away from the “disaster” of Democratic rule.
If Mr. Trump ignores the subpoena, he might be charged with a crime.
He has until November 4 to submit materials to the committee that will meet on January 6 and must show up for a deposition testimony on or around November 14.
If Mr. Trump declines to appear before Congress, the committee may report the subject to the Department of Justice, which may result in legal action.

Addressing him, the document reads: “You were at the center of the first and only effort by any US President to overturn an election.”

It goes on: “You knew this activity was illegal and unconstitutional.”

A lawyer for Mr Trump accused the lawmakers on the committee of “flouting norms”.

After former Trump advisor Steve Bannon was fined $6,500 (£5,800) and given a four-month prison term for contempt of Congress, the subpoena was issued mere hours later.
After declining to provide the committee with testimony or evidence, he was found guilty.
After refusing to comply with a similar subpoena, another Trump assistant, Peter Navarro, is scheduled to go on trial for contempt of Congress the following month.
The select committee is investigating the violent takeover of the US Capitol building by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021.
Seven Democrats and two Republicans on the panel unanimously decided last week to require the Republican to provide a testimony regarding his involvement in the violence.

In an effort to stop Joe Biden from being recognized as the winner, lawmakers claim that Mr. Trump encouraged his followers to reject the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.
the committee had “assembled overwhelming evidence, including from dozens of your former appointees and staff, that you personally orchestrated and oversaw a multi-pronged effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election,” according to a letter that was attached to the subpoena, written by chairman Bennie Thompson and vice-chairwoman Liz Cheney.

“You took all of these actions despite the rulings of more than 60 courts rejecting your election fraud claims and other challenges to the legality of the 2020 presidential election, despite having specific and detailed information from the Justice Department and your senior campaign staff informing you that your election claims were false, and despite your obligation as President to ensure that the laws of our nation are faithfully executed,” the letter added.


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