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Evin Prison Fire: Sirens And Gunfire Were Heard Inside A Notorious Correctional Facility



The infamous Evin prison in Iran has experienced a fire, and video that has been shared online shows flames and smoke rising from the scene.

There have been reports of gunshots, explosions, and sirens coming from the jail, which is where most political detainees are held.

Officials were to blame, but the issue was under control, according to a source cited by state media.

Protests against the government have been raging in Iran for weeks.

They originally broke out last month as resentment over the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd, in police custody boiled over. Authorities claim she had a health issue, but her family believes the morality police battered her to death.
BBC We do not yet know whether the situation at the prison is related to the recent protests, but it is possible that it is because hundreds of the demonstrators have been taken to Evin, according to Rana Rahimpour of Persian. According to Ms. Rahimpour, inmates would be well aware of how serious the situation is in the nation.
Death to the dictator shouts, one of the primary slogans of the anti-government protest movement, could be heard in the background of one of the fire films shared online by the anti-government monitoring group 1500tasvir.

An explosion is heard after what looks to be things being fired into the prison from outside its walls in another social media video.
The incident reportedly began with financial and criminal detainees, and no political prisoners were involved, according to the tightly regulated Iranian media. According to the report, the rioters have been isolated from other inmates and the fire that started in a prison factory is currently being put out.

It further stated that eight individuals had been hurt, but no deaths had been reported.
The institution has long been under fire from Western human rights organizations. Human Rights Watch has charged the prison’s administrators with utilizing torture threats and indefinite detention as well as protracted interrogations and denying inmates medical care.

In August of last year, films of stolen surveillance footage were distributed online by a group of hackers going by the name Edalat-e Ali (Ali’s Justice) from Evin prison showing guards beating or mistreating inmates.


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