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Councilor Arrested For Alleged Rape Of Woman-No Fear And No Favour, Says DA



After being detained for rape yesterday, a local councilman has become involved in a scandal involving sex for employment.

The DA ward councillor, who also serves as sub-council chairperson, surrendered to investigators at Philippi Police Station yesterday morning; he is currently being held there.
Before being taken into custody, the councillor, according to sources, left his office and drove his bakkie home.

On Monday, he is scheduled to make his initial court appearance at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court, where he will be accused of rape.

Just hours after the councillor’s arrest, the relatives of the victim, a widow who cannot be named, talked exclusively to Weekend Argus and said the incident happened inside his office three years prior.

According to what is known, the councillor befriended the woman while she was employed by local safety organizations. The woman claimed the councilor issued her a letter of recommendation and promised to get her a job with the police.

The woman’s relatives said they urged her to file a case since they were unable to silence her about the purported ordeal.

She met him while working on safety structures and informed him that she wanted to become a police officer.

We always questioned why he treats her so differently as he would accompany her on raids and present her to the members. Then he composed a letter of recommendation, which we still have.

“The incident happened in his office in 2019, and she just told my mother and I about it after my mother fell ill a year ago.

We now realize that he is denying knowing my sister.
The victim, according to the victim’s relatives, had been served a subpoena in a defamation lawsuit by the councillor’s legal counsel, this claim’s details could not be verified.

Sergeant Wesley Twigg, a spokesman for the Provincial Police, confirmed his detention.
“A 56-year-old man was detained on Friday on suspicion of rape and is scheduled to appear in court in Wynberg on Monday.

This office can confirm that the Nyanga Family Violence Child Protection Sexual Offences Unit is looking into a rape complaint in response to your media inquiry which was reported on Tuesday, October 11.


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