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She Was Forcefully Driven To The Vineyard Where She Was Taken To Rape



The Robertson Regional Court on Thursday handed down three life sentences to each of two gang members, ages 27 and 30, for raping a 19-year-old woman.

Elvin Jantjies, a member of the Junior Cisko Yankies gang, and Edmund Plaatjies, a member of the 28s gang, were both found guilty on three charges of rape and were both disqualified from owning weapons.
“The Robertson Regional Court sentenced the two accused to three life terms each, declared them unfit to possess firearms, and ordered the prosecutor to inform the victim of her rights to make representations to the Commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services when the accused are considered for parole or correctional supervision,” said Eric Ntabazalila, regional communications manager for the Western Cape NPA.

“The court further ordered an immediate search and seizure of all firearms, ammunition, competency certificates, licences, permits, and authorisations issued to the accused.”

Prosecutor Elton Willemse told the court that “the accused found a 19-year-old woman standing outside while attending a social gathering with friends and her child in Silverstrand, Robertson.

The victim impact report compiled by Estelle Adams indicated that she was left shocked as she knew both men, and did not expect them to rape her.

The victim is said to have also experienced nightmares and flashbacks of the incident and has become fearful of men. She still does not like men and feels uncomfortable in their presence. She knew her life would never be the same after the incident.


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