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Russia Launches Missiles On Civilian Areas In Ukraine



The strikes killed at least 14 people in Ukraine and disrupted electricity in some regions. Russia said they were in retaliation for a blast on a key bridge to Crimea.

Many of the targets struck by kamikaze drones and cruise missiles during the morning rush hour looked to be exclusively civilian sites or important pieces of infrastructure, such as the nation’s electric grid, which were ostensibly picked to terrorize Ukrainians.
The attack on the Kerch bridge, which connects Russia and Crimea, was a retaliation, according to President Vladimir Putin. If the Ukrainian government continued to assault, the Russian commander threatened even more “serious response.” Let there be no mistake, Putin warned in televised remarks to his security council, “If terrorist assault efforts persist, Russia will respond severely.”

Apparently, The United Nations General Assembly is meeting in an emergency session.

President Biden of the United States of America on Monday condemned the missile strikes across Ukraine launched by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, saying they served no military purpose and again demonstrated “the utter brutality of Mr. Putin’s illegal war on the Ukrainian people.”

Mr. Biden did not announce any new measures from the United States or its allies in response to the attacks. In a short written statement issued by the White House, Mr. Biden reaffirmed his commitment to assist Ukraine in its war with Russia.


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