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I Had 11 Abortions Zodwa Wabantu Confesses



Zodwa Wabantu’s recent confession has astounded a lot of her followers.

The celebrity acknowledged having numerous abortions in the past.

On the most recent episode of her program, Zoda Wabantu: Uncensored, Zodwa announced this.

In the most recent episode, Wabantu had to “bury” the ghosts of the children she had aborted in the past as part of her traditional and spiritual recovery path.

She must respect their lives in order to be able to use her own skills to heal them. She therefore had to purchase clothing for her “dead children” and set up “burials” for them.

The story did not end there, either, since the single mother had hinted that she had had four abortions over her lifetime.

She then delivered a stunner during the broadcast when she revealed that she has had a total of 11 abortions during her life.

As many of her admirers have responded to it in order to determine whether it is merely content or real, this is truly alarming.


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