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A Man From Mitchells Plain Dies While Valiantly Attempting To Save Three Teenagers From A Rip Current



At Mnandi Beach in False Bay, a Mitchells Plain man bravely rescued three adolescents who had become entangled in a rip current before he tragically perished.

Reza Yon, 48, who was the man who jumped into the ocean to help them, was carrying a body board.

According to Arno Constance, deputy station commander at NSRI Strandfontein, they received reports of a drowning in progress at 2.45pm on Sunday, which alerted them to the situation.

While NSRI rescue swimmers arrived on the site right away, the NSRI Strandfontein sea rescue vessel, Rescue 16 Alpha, was launched.

Due to load shedding, which had cut off digital connection, other water rescue agencies could not be reached right away.

Two teens were found in the backbreaker surf zone using a body board as flotation when the NSRI rescue craft arrived on the site, according to Constance.

“They were brought aboard the NSRI rescue vessel. They were both shocked and hypothermic.

“While bringing the two teens to the shore, they stated that their companion, also a teenager, had reached the land, and an adult male had been in the water helping them before they had lost sight of the adult male,” he said.

Before he ran into trouble, Yon had already located the three adolescents in the water and given them the body board to use as float.

Yon was confirmed to be dead after the NSRI rescue craft team recovered him onto the sea rescue craft after seeing him in the midbreak surf zone.

According to Constance, the NSRI team carried the casualty to the shore where they performed CPR on him in an effort to revive him.

At that point, further NSRI rescue crews arrived on the scene, and the SA Police Services and Western Cape Government Health EMS had been activated.

Constance stated, “Paramedics kept performing CPR on Yon but regrettably, after all attempts to resuscitate him were expended, he was proclaimed died.

The EMS paramedics treated one of the three male local youths (two are 13 and one is 14) for cold and shock before releasing him with no additional medical needs.

The two remaining youngsters had already left the area in a private vehicle.

“The deceased man’s body was taken into custody by the police and the government health forensic pathology services. According to Constance, the police have initiated an inquest docket.

“There is no question that the body board’s floatation helped the three teens survive. Reza Yon deserves praise for saving the three teenagers’ lives, the speaker continued.


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