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Jagersfontein diamond mine collapse: Charlesville residents threatens company to shut down



The town of Charlesville is in dire need of assistance and is preparing to file a lawsuit against the owner of the Jagersfontein diamond mine for the damages they sustained as a result of the Sunday collapse of the mine dam.

According to information gathered, the mining dam catastrophe resulted in one death and numerous homeless people.

Families who were affected by the accident have hired Phosa Loots Attorneys to sue the company on their behalf. If the company doesn’t change its community as they desire, it will have to close down, they threatened.

A community member identified as Victoria Phindo spoke on the situation, calling it dreadful and saying that “the mine must be closed for the time being, and then they must take responsibility for rebuilding their  houses.”

“I don’t know how they plan to rebuild our community’s dignity because we lost everything—our lives, our dignity, our possessions, and certain things that cannot be replaced.

But we hope they could at least take some action to benefit the locals.


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