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Wife of renowned golfer Papwa, Suminthra Sewgolum, Passed Away Aged 94 Years Old



The late Papwa Sewgolum’s wife, Suminthra Sewgolum, passed away on Tuesday at her residence.
She was 94.
When her late husband won the Dutch Open for the first time, he was 31 years old, an advanced age for a first-time victor.
In the Natal Open in 1965, Papwa defeated SA’s greatest golfer of all time, Gary Player, in arguably one of his most well-known performances of his career.
Due to the apartheid government’s embarrassment with his achievement, he was later forbidden from playing golf or even visiting a course as a spectator. At the age of 49, he passed away in poverty in 1978.

According to Jehad Kasu, a spokesman for the Papwa Foundation, “His premature death was unquestionably brought on by the enforcers of apartheid rules who didn’t want a non-white guy to develop and excel in a sport believed by them, to be for “Europeans” alone.”
According to Kasu, the injustices meted out to Papwa also applied to Suminthra.
Her loss of Papwa was her first death. She lost her true love and the life she should have had. She remained alone for the remainder of her life, going more than 40 years without finding her true love, who had been cruelly pushed past the point of no return.

Kasu added that Suminthra will be remembered for her kind, caring, and loving ways.

“And find solace in her reunification with her beloved Papwa.”



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