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A Thrilling Comeback Victory By Liverpool Over Newcastle



When Isak, a recent addition to Newcastle, scored his team’s first goal in the first half, it almost appeared that Liverpool would have another of those days.
However, Newcastle managed to hold on for a tie for the remainder of the second half as Roberto Firmino equalized the score in the 61st minute.
Liverpool entered the game with a high level of confidence despite having had a very rocky start to the season after crushing Bournemouth 9-0.

Alexander Isak, a £60 million striker for Newcastle who received his visa approval just hours before the match, was incorporated into the squad right away and did not let down the visiting supporters on his debut.
After receiving a through pass, the striker timed his move well and scored the game’s first goal with a quick glimpse at the Liverpool goalkeeper.

Early in the second half, he thought he had a second, but offside prevented him from scoring. Liverpool tied the score five minutes later.
The goal was scored by Roberto Firmino, who skillfully teamed up with Mohammed Salah to lob the ball beyond the goalkeeper for Newcastle.

Overall, Liverpool wasn’t at their best, and Nick Pope didn’t begin to make significant saves until the second half.
Credit also needs to be given to Klopp’s team for maintaining pressure until the very end of the game despite lacking a cutting edge.

A looping pass in the Newcastle penalty area reached Cavalho with just seconds left, and he slammed it in off the post to send the Anfield supporters into a frenzy of celebration.


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