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Five Months After Having A Stroke, Lira Is “Alive And Kicking.”



Lira, a multi-award-winning musician who lost her ability to speak after suffering a stroke around five months ago, is doing well.

The “Feel Good” singer shared with her fans and followers on Instagram on Monday that she had made “amazing progress” while taking a break.

She wrote: “5 months and still alive and kicking.”

“I’m grateful for the gift of life. I’m making incredible progress and enjoying the much-needed break.

“One lesson I’ve learned is to slow down, smell the roses and savour each moment,” added Lira.

The Johannesburg-born celebrity thanked her fans for their love and support after the news of her stroke broke in May.

“My recovery is going well. My physical state has not changed; I am robust and healthy.


Sadly, the stroke has damaged my ability to speak, but I am improving greatly every day, said Lira.

Lira’s family announced in an April statement that the legendary vocalist had been hospitalized after having a stroke while traveling to Germany, where she was scheduled to perform.

The family statement stated that as a result, “her ability to communicate, in particular, her speech, has been impaired.”


Since then, Lira has kept her followers informed on her recovery.

She recently released a video of herself participating in a Mzansi Youth Choir rehearsal while assuring her supporters that she will soon return to the stage.

“During rehearsal of Return to Me, featuring @mycsoweto,” she wrote as the description for the picture. I have trouble speaking, but I can still sing. #ThrowBackFriday.”


The “Rise Again” singer noted in another tweet that it had been three years since she became the first African celebrity to have a Barbie doll created in her honor.

The doll formed part of Barbie’s 60th anniversary Shero campaign, which was created to inspire girls across a wider spectrum.

“I’m deeply honoured to be Barbie’s first African role model and am excited to align with brand that is on a mission to show girls more diverse role models,” said Lira at the time.

“I have always been someone who endeavours the celebration of my skin tone and natural hair, and it is amazing to see this reflected in my doll. This is an enormous gesture and affirmation that the world is celebrating Africa for who we are, and I am very grateful.”

Lisa McKnight, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Barbie, added: “The Barbie brand believes girls should never know a world, job, or dream women haven’t conquered. Through our global role model program, we are shining a spotlight on inspiring women, such as Lira, to show girls they can be anything”.

Other role models who have been selected to form part of this collection include Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, British supermodel Adwoa Aboah, actress Yara Shahidi and tennis star Naomi Osaka.


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