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A$AP Rocky enters a not-guilty plea to the counts of assault and possession of weapons



Rapper A$AP Rocky entered a not guilty plea on Wednesday in relation to accusations of assault and possession of a weapon arising from a fight he had in Los Angeles with a former rapper friend.

As he arrived at the LA criminal court for his arraignment, Rocky, who was wearing a navy blue suit and flashing diamond earrings, was followed by three bodyguards, according to
The 33-year-old native of Manhattan, whose true name is Rakim Mayers, is charged with firing two rounds in November against former A$AP Mob rap group member A$AP Relli. He walked with a swagger to the podium inside the courtroom and struck a pose with his head cocked back before entering the plea through his lawyer, Sara Kaplan.
As Judge Victoria Wilson set the date for his subsequent court appearance on November 2, he simply said the words “I do, Your Honor” and “I understand that.”

Kaplan requested that the protective order against A$AP Rocky, which forbade him from getting in touch with A$AP Mob members, be reciprocal.

She said to the judge, “I would urge the protective order be mutual because my client is also in danger,” and he replied that Kaplan would have to submit paperwork to obtain the order.
Prosecutors claim that the “Praise the Lord” rapper engaged in the altercation with a firearm and is now facing two counts of assault with a semi-automatic weapon.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon said, “Discharging a pistol in a public location is a severe charge that could have ended with fatal results not just for the individual targeted, but also for innocent onlookers visiting Hollywood.”

The rapper was previously charged with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the same incident after arriving at LAX in April with his girlfriend Rihanna. He was released on $550 000 bail.



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