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Jeruselama Did More Than That, You Shouldn’t Be Surprised – Fans Attacks Master KG For Celebrating Dali Nguwe 15M Views



South African music producer and deejay, Master KG was hit with backlash from fans for celebrating Dali Nguwe’s song music video with 15 million views on YouTube.

The singer of the successful song “Jerusalem” expressed thankfulness as the video received a lot of views in just 4 months.

“Just 4 Months Away!” Dali Nguwe Visuals has 15 million views so far. Shout out to everyone, we’re moving nicely to this song! Shout out to everyone streaming too. Numbers never lie,” the producer wrote.

In response to the DJ’s post, a Twitter user said Jerusalema’s video did more than that, therefore he shouldn’t have been surprised.
This shouldn’t amaze you like it did before, you’re international now

— Tsiki di master (@TsikiDiMaster) August 17, 2022.
Master KG, though, claims he appreciates all of his opinions.
“Lol so Just Because I have 500Million Views I musnt Celebrate 15 Million V??I appriate each and Every Milestone Whether Bigger Or the way not everyone reach 15M in 4 Months,” KG wrote.



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