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Who Is l.t Death Stabbing Full Video – The Jugulaire Video Twitter (RIP I.T), Laurie Tagota



The young man who was reportedly stabbed to death at the Fortitude Valley railway station has been identified as Laurie Michael Tagoala.

Internet users were shocked to their marrows following a shocking incident that left a young man dead and another injured.

The stabbing video has been trending on social media for over a week now and many are demanding justice.

Was L.T Rapper stabbed? no l.t rapper was not stabbed, the rapper is alive and doing well. Many are reporting that he was the was that was stabbed, no it is misinformation.

Valley railway station Stabbing: How It Happened!

Around four in the morning, the two groups were spotted screaming at one another before one group made an attempt to break up the fight.

Early on Monday in Brisbane, Australia, a group of men were involved in a fight in a shopping center. One of the men had a knife & stabbed another in the neck. Laurie Michael Tagaloa collapsed at the scene & died.

Who Is Laurie Tagota & What Happened To Him?

Laurie Tagota is also known as Laurie Michael Tagola was a 24-year-old man who was stabbed to death by Seyram Kwami Djentuh said to 20 years of age.

Seyram Kwami Djentu was arrested a few days ago in connection with a stabbing incident at the Fortitude Valley railway station.

According to reports, Seyram who was accused of killing Tagaloa failed to appear in Brisbane arrest court for the hearing of his case.


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