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How to Reverse Image Search on Mobile?



Technological advancement has given birth to new methods of searching over the web. Today, you no longer need to rely only on keywords-based search, as voice search and picture search have also come in to play their respective roles and help people hunt down things they want more easily. Gone are the days when you could only enter words on the search engines to find relevant results. Now you can enter images as search queries and find similar pictures, thanks to the inception of reverse image search technology.

The reverse picture search utilities are based on AI and CBIR techniques. This technology works by identifying the elements contained in a picture and finding all the images containing similar features. As most people use mobile devices to explore the web, you might also be wondering whether it is possible to conduct a similar picture search through smartphones. Yes, it is possible, and in this blog, we will help you explore different ways of conducting a reverse image search on mobile devices. Here we will cover all the aspects of picture search through iOS and Android smartphones. So let’s delve into it without any further ado!

Use an Online Image Finder on Android & iOS

The best way to find similar images through mobile devices is by accessing the online image search utility. This web-based facility can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices easily through the web browser. Android users can use their default browser to land on the image search tool. Once it is accessed, all you need to do is upload the picture you want to search. On the other hand, iOS users can use the Safari browser to access the picture search facility and conduct similar picture searches.

No matter what device you are using, you don’t need to go through the hassle of getting registered. The reverse image search facility allows both Android and iOS users to conduct real-time picture searches by directly capturing the photo of any object. As a result, it retrieves similar pictures from popular search engines.

Access Google Reverse Image Search

Being the most popular search engine, Google also offers a reverse photos facility to facilitate its users in finding similar images. However, people often find it difficult to use this image search engine on mobile devices. Google reverse photo search can be accessed through the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone. If this web browser isn’t installed on your phone, then first, you’ll need to install it. Once it is installed, open it and go to the menu for loading its desktop version. After that, you need to access Google images and click on the camera icon to start the process of a similar picture search. Upon clicking it, you’ll be given options to click a picture, upload it from your device, or enter the URL of an image. Within no time, this image search engine will retrieve similar pictures from its directory and let you explore them without asking you to follow any complex procedure.

Download a Picture Finder App from a Relevant Store

When it comes to using any facility on mobile phones, you may first try to find an application that can be installed on your device. The iOS and Android users can find a reverse image search app on App Store and Play Store, respectively. In these stores, the users can come across hundreds of options for conducting similar picture searches. It is up to you which app meets your needs and provides you with the results you are looking for.

After installing an app on your device, you need to upload the picture on which you wish to conduct a similar image search. Once you have uploaded the image, the app will retrieve results of similar pictures through its own directory or the integrated images library of popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. It is up to you whether you want a paid application or a free one. You can also find applications that work as an extension with other apps on your mobile device, which allows you to conduct real-time image searches whenever you want.

Final Words

Conducting a similar picture search isn’t an intricate procedure on mobile devices. Whether you are using an Android or iOS smartphone, you can easily access an online utility or install an application to conduct a reverse image search. Google reverse picture search could be a little tricky to access, but if you follow the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily use it as well without any hassle. Whenever you wish to find information about a product or want to get images in a better quality or format, you can rely on a reverse photos facility and carry out this task in a matter of an instance.




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