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Trial of Senzo Meyiwa: The defense casts doubt on the forensic expert’s qualifications



The prosecution of the five men charged with murdering Bafana-Bafana and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa started today in the Gauteng North (Pretoria) High Court, where the police crime experts qualifications were questioned.

As his cross-examination by attorney Zandile Mshololo, counsel for one of the accused, progressed, Sergeant Thabo Johannes Mosia mounted the stand again.

Mosia produced documentation of his qualifications to court today after being interrogated by his lawyer about them the day before.

Mshololo added that she had requested verification of Mosia’s qualifications in order to assess his level of competency, as he had failed to perform his responsibilities at the murder scene on many occasions.

She started by questioning Mosia’s B.Tech degree, asking if he had earned a certificate prior to earning his degree.

“Yes, I put together a recognition of prior learning portfolio with UNISA in 2015,” Mosia replied.

Mosia, who had been granted entry to the B.Tech program due to his acknowledgment of prior learning, was unable to provide the diploma when asked.
Mosia produced documentation of his qualifications to court today after being interrogated by his lawyer about them the day before.

Mosia had only begun studying for his degree after the shooting of Meyiwa, according to Mshololo. She explained to him that he lacked sufficient expertise when he arrived at the Meyiwa murder site.

Mosia disagreed, claiming that he had previously attended several crime scenes, had his fingerprints checked by a team of forensic specialists from the SAPS, and had been given fingerprint expert status in 2010.

Mshololo returned her focus to the crime scene and the forensic investigator’s conduct when she was satisfied with her inquiry of Mosia’s qualifications.

Mshololo questioned Mosia whether he thought it was strange that there was no blood on the kitchen floor as they were discussing the images of blood splatter on the kitchen walls that Mosia had shot at the scene.

Mosia concurred that the lack of blood where Meyiwa was allegedly shot shocked him as well.

Mshololo then explained to Mosia that this was because the scene had been cleaned before his arrival. Mosia verified that this was, in fact, a possibility.

Mosia was urged to speak the truth and admit to processing a polluted crime scene.

Mosia said “When I arrived at the crime scene I did not think of it as a contaminated crime scene, I considered it as an ordinary crime scene”

The court adjourned for a short recess with Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela stating that he was not feeling well.


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