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Customer booted out of a Chinese restaurant in Flushing, for not for not wearing pants retaliated by smashing glass windows and doors



On Saturday, a man who was kicked out of a Chinese restaurant in Flushing, Queens, for not wearing trousers responded by destroying the business’s glass windows and doors.

The incident at 4 Choices & A Soup on Roosevelt Avenue is said to have started at 4:40 p.m. when a guy arrived with a hammer after entering the restaurant without trousers earlier in the day and returned many times.

The violent rampage was captured on security cameras from inside the eatery. The anonymous customer, who was wearing a red shirt, reportedly damaged the food bar’s doors, windows, and glass.

The individual was characterized by restaurant employees as a regular diner who struggled with mental illness. The man urinates in front of their company, according to owner Jenny Xie, 48, and has once been entirely nude.

“Everyone knows he has a mental illness,” Xie told the New York Post. “Most of the time, we… serve him straight quickly.” “We don’t keep him waiting for long.”

The male had no underpants on the day of the encounter, according to Xie.

“It’s just revolting.” As a result, we instructed him to go,” she remembered. “He didn’t have any underpants on.”


The man was promptly apprehended by the police. He had previously been served with a restraining order by the eatery for harassing them.

For breaking the protective order, the suspect has been charged with criminal mischief and criminal contempt. Xie, on the other hand, wishes to undergo mental treatment rather than being imprisoned.

“If he takes his meds, we believe he will be perfectly normal.” “He walks in and greets us,” Xie told the Post.


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