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Tongaat residents laments and protests over lack of water since April



Tongaat residents on Monday took their frustration and grievances to the roads in Kwa-Zulu-Natal over continuing poor service delivery on water supply in the country.

They say they’ve been without water for over a month.

One of the residents has lamented severally on the issue saying that he has not been using water since April 9 during the time of the devastating flood that took over the area.

Reports also have revealed that Tongaat CBD and certain areas like Brake Village are without water.

“Residents are frustrated. We have had enough. While we know there were issues with the municipality getting to the Tongaat Water Works, that road has now become accessible, but still, no work has started.

“In an area like eMdloti, that has been hit by the second floods, when I drove by yesterday, there was work being done to restore water in that area.


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