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Who is Salvador Ramos, Texas school shooter, age, bio and wiki



Salvador Ramoss, is the juvenile school shooter responsible for the deaths of over 14 school children in Uvalde, Texas.

According to reports, the gunman Salvador Ramos killed 14 schoolchildren in cold blood on Tuesday, including one of the teachers at an elementary school.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated a local guy opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, some 85 miles west of San Antonio when speaking about the event.


Salvador Ramoss: Who Is He?


Ramos was a resident of the neighborhood, according to reports. He came inside the school with a firearm. However, authorities suspected he was also carrying a firearm.


“He shot and killed 14 pupils and a teacher in a horrendous, incomprehensible manner,” the governor stated.

Ramos was sought by the police following the massacre, according to several sources.

According to information gathered by Intel Doge, Ramos only had one Instagram post and sent a photo of two firearms to a random Instagram user.

Ramos inquired as to whether the Instagram user was sharing his “gun photos.”

Ramos said in his direct messages that he wanted to tell him a secret. The dialogue was followed by the user until 1:16 p.m.

The gunman was also described as a “murder suspect” by Gregg Abbott and law enforcement personnel. Ramos is suspected of murdering his grandma.


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