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Samthing Soweto Opens Up On Weight Loss, Says He Is Not Dying



Samthing Soweto’s physical appearance has sparked many questions on social media. The singer and songwriter who has been off the music scene for a long time now recently shared a few pictures of himself on his Instagram page and the pictures sparked many questions from fans about his health status.

Well, Samthing Soweto has finally opened up on the sudden change in his body appearance. The Singer revealed that all is not well with him and that he is passing through a lot lately.

Samthing Soweto disclosed this to his fans through a video he shared on his official Instagram page.

The singer through the video appreciated his fans who have been very supportive of his music career.

Although he stated that he is passing through hard times, the singer also claimed that work and other daily activities also contributed to his weight loss.

At the end of the clip he shared, Samthing Soweto also promised his fans that he is bouncing back and that they should expect a new song from him.


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