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Jubilee line machete attacker, Ricky Morgan found guilty of attempted murder



The assailant on the Jubilee line, who attacked people in a tube train compartment in central London, was convicted guilty of attempted murder today.

Ricky Morgan was found guilty of attempted murder for the attack on a Jubilee line train last summer, during which he hacked a businessman named James Porritt, who was a complete stranger, leaving him with a portion of his hand falling off, which he had to keep together himself.

Other people ran down the train, some collapsing in their haste to get away.

Following today’s court hearing, the British Transport Police revealed recordings of the attack and armed police officers responding to Morgan’s arrest.

Mr Porrit, the victimized businessman, described the attacker as appearing like the Terminator.

‘It was like he was a predator and he was hunting, and he decided to hunt me,’ he continued.

While clutching the cut portions of his hand together, he managed to escape via a carriage door.

Jurors were informed that Mr Porritt had bone-deep wounds to his head and shin in addition to the terrible injuries to his right hand.

Many passengers fled, but one boldly approached Morgan and implored him to ‘cool down,’ according to the court.

Meanwhile, Mr Porritt received first assistance from a doctor who happened to be aboard the train.




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