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Stage 8 load shedding could trigger 48 hours power outage in South Africa – Experts warns 



Energy experts warn that the country is on the cusp of facing a power load shortage that might last two days.

Speaking on Thursday through a communique an energy consultant Mike Roussow said there is a 50% risk that the country would exceed levels 3 and 4 load shedding.

This is because they (Eskom) are not in control of the situation. So there’s a good chance we’ll see high levels of load shedding. To what extent is hard to predict because they don’t even know what they’re going to have tomorrow or the next day,” he said speaking to eNCA.

“The rolling blackouts are putting businesses on the rack. The economy is being destroyed by load shedding. Eskom’s current path means that load shedding will only get worse… plants are breaking down frequently because they are not in control,” said Rossouw.

He stated that because Eskom does not have control over the issue, it is impossible to predict how far the country would advance on the load shedding timeline. The persistent power outages, according to Rossouw, are having a significant impact on businesses and the economy.


Just when you thought the load shedding schedule couldn’t possibly get any worse, experts warn that stage 8 power disruptions may be implemented sooner rather than later.


According to electricity experts, this is a possibility, with South Africans potentially losing power for 48 hours across four days.


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