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Marcus Combs death: Popular writer and comedian Marcus Combs is dead, cause of death yet unknown



Marcus Combs, a well-known writer, and comedian have died.

Marcus’ death was announced just a few hours later on Twitter, when GQ 247HH AND 8tivLabs Talent Relations Digital Marketing, Event Productions, and Music Influencer shared the terrible news.

“Fuck you, dude smh RIP to @marcus combs, my brother and one of the funniest comedians in the business. I used to rock on stage with this cat at All Jokes Aside At Moetown. “


Marcus’ abrupt departure was not revealed by GQ.

Marcus Combs was a legendary comedian who had a huge impact both internationally and in his own America.

He became popular for Mommy Lounge Network Presents Ashima Franklin’s Comedy Show (2021), BET’s Comicview (1992) and Def Comedy Jam (1992).

Marc began his comedic career while playing football for the University of Langston, but was involved in a vehicle accident that hurt his foot.

He claimed that while resting in a hospital bed, he developed a passion for stand-up comedy.

“I’d won class clown for the second year in a row, and I was sick of everyone telling me I needed to be a comic. So, once I recovered, I went looking for an open mic “.

Def Comedy Jam concerts influenced Marcus throughout his peak years in the profession, he added.

Marcus mentioned in one of the exclusive interviews that he used to sneak into his father’s studio and listen to Richard Pryor’s recordings on wax.

“Then came Eddie Murphy’s film ‘Delirious.’ On Betamax, we saw that nonsense. ‘Get out of here,’ my folks would say. This is something you can’t watch, youngster.’ ‘OK, cool,’ I say.

I’ll watch it while you’re at work tomorrow.’ I’d then go to school and make Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor jokes. As a result, humor has always been a part of my life “.


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