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Vicki Baven, 37, sentenced to life in prison for raping a girl with two men and sharing photos on the internet



A pedophile mother who raped a girl with two men and uploaded the photos online was sentenced to life in jail by a UK court.

Vicki Baven, 37, was sentenced to life in prison after sharing a film online showing a girl under the age of ten being raped repeatedly in the company of two men, Paul Rafferty, 62, and Tony Hutton, 42.

During a hearing in a UK court, the prosecuted mother claimed that the guys had no bounds to their abuse, prompting discussions about the sexual assault, rape, and torture they inflicted on their victim.

They were apprehended shortly after releasing a viral video that had multiple instances of perversion and sexual assault.

Mrs Vicki confessed to 34 sexual assaults, including rape and five charges of penetrative assault. She had been observed laughing on the defendant’s bench in previous sessions, according to local media.

Bevan also admitted to creating 17 indecent photos of a child and two charges of possessing severe animal pornography in connection with 100 “grossly unpleasant, filthy, or vulgar” images.

Judge Andrew Menary stated the defendant’s level of depravity was “unbelievable” during his sentence.

Bevan and his henchman were identified after recordings and photographs of the child’s mistreatment were discovered on the phone of another convicted pedophile and had been given by the defendant, according to the court.


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