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UK Man admits cheating on his wife for 10 years made him a better husband



A man from the United Kingdom whose name has remained unknown has admitted to cheating on his wife for over ten years and how it has made him a better husband.

He confessed that he was a serial cheater who had been living a second life all along.

He described himself as a loving husband and parent during the day. By night, he’s out there with various ladies, having the fun of his life.

“In fact, I’ve been having affairs for so long that it’s nearly become second nature to me.”

I want to scream from the rooftops about the ladies I’ve dated and slept with because they’re so beautiful and out of my league. I want to display their photos to all of my friends and boast about it.”

However, the problem with cheating is that you can’t inform anyone. Ships sink because of loose lips. It all comes down to discretion.

This is one of the reasons I started a blog about it, anonymously chronicling my experiences. It served as an outlet for me and putting it out there felt fantastic. I also wanted to document my path in order to help other guys safeguard their families from their infidelity.

I wanted to be able to help these men conceal their traces, keep their cool, and avoid being caught.

Cheating kills people. I recognize this, but I believe that what people do not know will not harm them. And just because many guys, like myself, cheat on a regular basis doesn’t mean we don’t love our spouses and children.

It’s a type of escape for many; nothing more, nothing less.

So, where should I begin? I’m a 40-year-old man with three beautiful children. I’ve been married for a little over ten years. Despite this, I’ve been cheating on my wife since the beginning.

It’s been more about the hunt, the sense of success, and – above all – the attention for me, rather than the sex with other women. There’s something about other women’s attention that I find quite addicting.


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