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Ruan van Heerden, man accused of killing his mother and attacking his father 3-years ago enters into plea negotiations with the state



Statemonths is discussing a plea agreement with a Pretoria man accused of assaulting his parents three years ago.

According to reports, Ruan reportedly attacked his parents at their house with his friend Carlson Phelps when he was 18 years old.

On Wednesday, they were summoned to appear in a Pretoria Magistrate Court.

The State made it public that plea discussions had taken place and that a deal had been reached.

The only thing that remains is for the Director of Public Prosecutions to certify the punishment (DPP).

The agreement’s specifics were not revealed in court.

The attempted murder¬†of Van Heerden’s mother, Magda van Heerden, and his father, Barnie, were first accused against Van Heerden and Phelps.

They were also charged with robbery in a dangerous situation.

However, due to the injuries sustained during the assault, one of the attempted murder counts was amended to murder after Magda died over two years after the attack in October 2021.

Magda was stabbed 36 times and left for dead during the late-night attack, according to News24, while Barnie, who was sleeping at the time, was also attacked at their house in Pierre van Ryneveld in 2020.

The agreement’s specifics were not revealed in court.

Barnie was stabbed and brutally beaten with a golf club.

Van Heerden and a buddy are accused of stealing goods from Barnie, including telephones, cash, and bank cards, then fleeing in his vehicle.

Later, near Tembisa, the car was discovered abandoned.

After reportedly using his father’s bank card to pay for a 600km Uber ride to Aliwal North in the Eastern Cape, Van Heerden was arrested the next day.

The case has been rescheduled until May 24.



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