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Uber driver battered to death in Manchester ‘for taking passengers to Koko’s instead of Coco’s’



In Manchester, an Uber driver was beaten to death ‘for bringing people to Koko’s instead of Coco’s.’

After a location mix-up, two guys allegedly pummeled an Uber driver to death in a ‘brutal and absolutely merciless attack,’ according to the article.

Prosecutor Galais Gozem said Connor McPartland, 20, and Martin Treacy, 18, were ‘very inebriated’ when they got into Ali Asghar’s car at 4.30 a.m. on October 29, 2021.

McPartland had hired a cab from Oldham town center to Rochdale’s Koko Lounge club in the hopes of meeting girls, according to Manchester Crown Court.

Instead, he typed in the town’s address for Coco’s Grillhouse and Desserts.

The jury heard on the opening day of the trial that a ‘ferocious quarrel’ erupted over the error at a Shell gas station when Mr Asghar unlocked the back door to allow the passengers out.

The two then began an assault, which resulted in the driver’s skull being fractured after he cracked his head on the pavement.

Mohammad Khalid, another cab driver, observed the victim being challenged and tried to reason with the two guys.

He was compelled to flee to his car since he feared being attacked as well, and instead contacted the cops.

The altercation reportedly awoke a neighboring neighbor, who heard one of the defendants cry, “Come on, come on, call the cops,” before hearing a pounding thud.

Mr Asghar is seen going into his car for his phone on CCTV, which Mr Gozem believes reflects the time the witness heard the shouting.

The victim then manages to rise and vanish from view of the camera.

The two guys rushed the driver, according to Mr Gozem, who added, “Tragically, he slipped and fell down, and they kicked him in the face and head.”


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