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Airline abandons take-off after horrified passengers were mysteriously sent images of a plane crashing



After shocked passengers were inexplicably emailed photographs of a jet crashing, an airline in Turkey decided to cancel their flights.

As the plane took off from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday, photos began to appear on phones.

According to one passenger, the terrible online prank prompted individuals to pass out from fear.

The photographs were sent via the AirDrop feature on Apple phones, according to Israeli investigators.

Nine people were held on suspicion of sending disturbing images to other passengers on the aircraft.

They were taken off the plane and might face charges for spreading false information.

Each of the nine faces up to three years in jail under Israeli law.

At the moment, the Turkish airline AnadoluJet was on its way to Istanbul.

‘I am confident the police and security agencies will find out why they (the suspects) did it,’ said Ofer Lefler, a spokeswoman for the Israel Airports Authority.

He praised the pilot for making the “correct decision” to cancel the flight and return to the gate owing to passenger panic.

‘One woman collapsed, another had a panic attack,’ said Diana, who did not want to be recognized.

After further security checks on the aircraft, luggage, and passengers, the jet ultimately took off several hours late.


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