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X Factor star Wagner, 66, reveals he’s quitting the UK to open a hair transplant clinic in Brazil



Wagner, a 66-year-old Brazilian X Factor star, has announced his intention to leave the UK tv show and launch a hair transplant clinic in Brazil.

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, the legendary TV star, revealed this after getting the operation himself in 2013.


When Wagner appeared on the ITV show in 2010, he claimed that he wishes to ‘die in peace in his hometown, knowing that his wife Lydia will be looked for.

Wagner stated in an exclusive interview with The Mirror that he had two hair transplants in 2013 after growing bald.

He’d gone to the Vinci Hair Clinic to have healthy hair follicles transferred from the back of his head to the front areas that required them, and he’d become friends with the clinic’s owner, Salvar Björnsson.

‘I am live proof that hair transplants are effective. I got mine eight years ago and haven’t had any problems. ‘I lose more hair from my beard than from my head,’ he explained.

He further said that Björnsson has given him permission to build a new business in Brazil’s northeast, where he grew up.

‘So you want me to return to paradise, with palm palms and a year at sea, to make money? I’m going to make so much money that I’m going to return to the UK. He said, “I’m only a flight away.”

‘Once the clinic is up and running, I can hire an English-speaking manager, and Lydia can interact with the management, allowing me to die in peace.’

He said he’s spent three or four months in Brazil setting up the clinic and hiring and training his employees.

Wagnar met Lydia his wife during a show in Dudley in December 2010, only weeks after he was eliminated from The X Factor at the quarter-final stage.

Despite their 36-year age difference, the performer claims that the difference doesn’t affect him since his spirit doesn’t get old.’



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