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Tiffany Iler and Jessica Lopez death, cause of death revealed – what killed 2 Ohio State students



Police in Ohio is presently investigating the deaths of two Ohio State students, Tiffany Iler and Jessica Lopez.

Last week, two Ohio State students died from an overdose, according to reports.

However, neither the Columbus Police Narcotics Unit nor the Columbus Police Department has released anything about how the two students, Tiffany Iler, 21, and Jessica Lopez, 22, got into the possession of the substances that led to their tragic deaths.

Police believe the narcotics are tainted with fentanyl.


While the university has not revealed what caused the overdoses, the Office of Student Life issued a warning last week about bogus Adderall tablets containing fentanyl.

Both women’s toxicology findings will take at least 4 to 6 weeks to arrive, which is standard for most coroner’s offices.

According to the Central Ohio Hospital Council, overdoses have increased in Franklin County during the outbreak.

550 Franklin County individuals perished from overdoses before to the crisis. There were 804 overdose fatalities in 2020 and 760 in 2021.

“Our emergency rooms are seeing more individuals who did not realize they were taking anything contaminated with fentanyl,” said Jeff Klingler, CEO of the Central Ohio Hospital Council. “Whether it’s a medication contaminated with fentanyl, recreational drug use cocaine substances like that contaminated with fentanyl, we’re seeing more of that.”

Fentanyl was responsible for 90% of the 804 deaths in 2020 and 760 deaths last year, according to Klinger.


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